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Casting at the Rockfest vol 1 With Pamela Kayne


Casting at the RockFest Vol 1 with Pamela Kayne has been covered all around the world! From Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, United-States and even in the Holy Vatican! This is all about our little trip to the Montebello Rockfest to meet with participants who were ready to have sex with Pamela Kayne. Everything went smooth and sexy for all the guys who made the experience. They were all pleased by it and some of them even got a job in the Porn industry! Who would knew a punk rock concert would led to a XXX career?! 🙂

Casting at the Rockfest vol 1

Guys were not hard to find at all… Pamela’s blond hair and HUGE boobs did almost all the work! It was sunny and the beer was flowing like a river out of his bed in the spring! Nothing could’ve gone any better! Good music bands in the background, beautiful summer weather, over excited amateur dudes and one hell of a pornstar! Head this way to enter the tent and have the time of your life! 😉

You are not sure if you really want your coworkers to recognize you (or maybe your girlfriend…), we’ve got you covered! Just put on an amazing mask and you’re in for the roller-coaster ride!

Want moar?

Casting at the RockFest Vol 1 with Pamela Kayne is definitely not the last one we’ll produce. Other scenes will be available and we also plan to make it to the Rockfest again next year! If you plan to assist to the next Rockfest, be sure to take a look around and find us! (it’ll sure be easy enough… Look for the most beautiful topless girl and you’ll know where we’re at!)

Enjoy your life

You enjoy Rock? You enjoy Sex? Then you have the best of both worlds in this Casting at the RockFest Vol 1 with Pamela Kayne presented by AD4X Videos XXX.


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